VA – CLOSE\STARE Compilation [Oigovisiones Label]

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CLOSE\STARE Compilation is one of those actions that aims to generate community; to discover, listen, share and give back. Its ultimate aim is to give back. It has been shaped through the votes of our partners, listening and selecting from the 36 proposals that came in with the Open Call launched in December.

This selection could well be a summary of the times we live in. With few luminous moments -which allow us to exhale slowly- and in which those of restrained and expectant breathing in the face of uncertainty, confusion or insecurity predominate.

Thus, for example, Caradusanto‘s modular shoegaze with La NOni -an ending that is necessarily a beautiful beginning-, the calm and emotional ambient of Nacho Román or the apparently naïve but somewhat perverse Alene by Pablo Casares are a breath of fresh air. Meanwhile the crackling digital reflections of David Mata keep us adrift. The brilliant piano chords of Anicoc become distorted as Ipso runs. In the 0000 narrative of Monocultivo life is palpable. And here the air begins to be short of breath. It is no coincidence that in the final tracks improvisation and electro-acoustic experiments tighten the sonic muscle. Here we find Diego Flórez and The Cherry Blues Project, together with the murky organic ambient of The Lacemaker. Hashigakari’s comatose inner echo closes by stripping us of time.

Release date: May 13th, 2022.


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