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At Industrial Complexx, we launched our first edition of the magazine in digital format (pdf). The intention of combining digital and printed format is to make it easier for the public to access it quickly with a single click, although we will maintain our fidelity to the physical format.

There will be more differences between these two versions than just their format. For the time being, the printed edition will only be published in Spanish, while in the digital edition you can choose to have the file in Spanish or English.

The content will also vary significantly between the two formats, although many articles published in the print format will also be available in the digital format. Unlike the printed magazine, the digital edition can be purchased along with a small compilation album and at a very affordable price.

In this first edition we retrieved articles published previously in the print editions but, there is also a large repertoire of new content, some articles are even ahead of the next print edition. More than 100 pages with interviews and reports about artists and projects such as Mecánica Popular, Thomas Park, Orphan Swords, BFE Records, Luna Vassarotti and Espectra Negra, Daniele Antezza, Balfa, Years of Denial, Agent 15, Lars Graugaard, Opal Tapes, The Exaltics, Ayankoko, Pueblo Nuevo, Max Durante, Soil, Selección Natural and Hainbach,



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