Various Artists – CTX004 (NXT recordings)

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NXT recordings is a label with a musical line clearly directed to techno and other subgenres that coincide with this philosophy, but this project currently divides its catalog into two series to discriminate its more primitive orientation with a new more experimental concept.

Cortexiphan is a parallel series open to less conventional styles but without a specific line, the best way to explain it would be to say that within a quality margin everything that has no place in its main serie can be published on Cortexiphan.

The fourth release of Cortexiphan is an album of several artists with very different points of view about the meaning of the most intransigent and less popular electronic music for each author, that’s why this release doesn’t have a specific direction and can’t be cataloged as a single style.

CTX004 opens with the mixture of tension and calm that Distørt X brings with ‘Weird Line’, then we can find a more industrial character with the tracks of SOJ, AM.MA, Group and CYD, although each artist has a very particular creative mode. Also the experimental techno of Yulio and Middle Majesty, the dark ambient of Squaric, and closes this fourth chapter David Reina with cosmic techno.

CTX004 is available in cassette format and in digital from the bandcamp of the label and you can buy it from now and from here.

Release date: December 23th, 2019.


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