Moddullar – Optical Resolution [Faut Section]

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Lewis Fautzi has transferred his great work as a producer to his skills as a record label manager. Faut Section has lived parallel to his artistic figure, and as the Portuguese has managed to establish himself on the world techno scene, which was meteoric, so has his label. Fautzi is a precursor of the peninsular sound that artists such as Reeko, Oscar Mulero or Christian Wünsch have contributed, he is part of this heritage and so is Faut Section.

Moddullar, the Portuguese duo from Barcelos, return to Faut Section 4 years after their debut. Once again they propose an energetic and combative set, in which they show their ability to generate forceful, agitated and bubbling techno.

Carbon, the first cut of Optical Resolution, is a track with an intense punch, designed from the sub-bass, and with a rhythmic part in which the rest of the elements collaborate, from the percussive ones to a synth line that is continuously modulated. The second cut of side A is a version of the first by Madrid-based Kwartz, who, unlike the original, avoids the abysmal sound of the bass frequencies to create the pressure directly from the rhythmic dynamics,

Side B opens with the track of the same name, and once again we find a structure planned from a deep environment, with an overwhelming punch, to which synthesised sequences in burst and sci-fi arpeggios are added. The album closes with Rage, a cut with an energetic and uniform base that is subdued by the superimposition of a triplet rhythm by several synth lines, thus generating a hypnotic state.

Release date: June 11th, 2021.


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