XTR HUMAN – G.O.L.D [Braid Records]

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The current health situation that the planet is experiencing has made a large part of our population aware and has changed our way of life, our way of seeing the world, our relationship with friends and family, our behavioural habits and also our way of understanding new musical currents if the club culture is currently decimated. It is a strange time from which we want to separate ourselves, but perhaps the key is to adapt to everything that is happening.

We are seeing how many artists are dedicating their creative efforts to talk about this stuff, just for the simple reason that the work has been composed in this new pandemic era. We can also see how each producer can be inspired by a specific event, which could be climate change, the relationship between people, a new apocalyptic scenario or the nocturnal lethargy of a city like Berlin, which was constantly pumping energy from its clubs.

XTR HUMAN wanted to draw on this last aspect to create their new album. G.O.L.D recreates the muted environment of Berlin’s nightlife, reminiscent of the icy image it presents. This coldness is perceived with the sound of this 10-track album and with lyrics that incite awareness and coherence.

As for the sound of the album, XTR HUMAN mixes various influences to achieve a style of their own, connecting genres such as EBM, gothic rock and coldwave. However, Johannes Stabel’s dark and penetrating voice is able to place you in an abysmal landscape.

Release date: June 11th, 2021.


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