Various Artists – ZwaarteKracht 3 [ZwaarteKracht]

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The Belgian label ZwaarteKracht started in March 2019 with a defined style mainly oriented to electro. To date it has published 2 releases and already present a third that corroborates the line of action of the label, at least in this first stage in which each release is published in a certain format, such as vinyl, with 4 tracks of various artists, with electro as a unique musical genre and with its consequent divisions and influences.

ZwaarteKracht 3 follows the same guidelines as the two previous EPs, the reference adds 4 electro tracks by 4 different artists. Croatian Ivna Ji opens side 1 (named side “Z”) with “Diatom”, arpeggiated electro and robotic melodies reminiscent of the futuristic music of ‘Sex With Machines’, mythical album by Anthony Rother. The second cut of this first side is by Hristiana Radeva aka Errorbeauty, artist who shares residence between London and Berlin, and who owns Arkada Records, a label he runs with XOR12. “Dropping Backwards” is the most forceful track of the EP, its energy increases with a structure subdivided into semiquavers.

Side 2, or the “K” side, opens with a track by Arsonist Recorder, the only artist to appear in ZwaarteKracht’s 3 launches and who is also directly linked to this project. “Coma toys” is a track in which the Belgian chooses an electro with a solid base and a metallic and squeaky melodic element. Finally, Kim Cosmik closes the EP with “Information Overload”, this British producer and owner of Cybersoul offers an industrial and more experimental version.

Release date: February 16th, 2019.



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