Agent 15 – Voices In My Head [Drøne]

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Agent 15 is further proof that distance and linkage to other projects is no impediment to the realization of a new idea. Felipe Novoa (Colombia) and Francesco Presotto (Italy) are separated by a long distance but, this condition is not an obstacle to be fully connected in their project. Neither is it an obstacle for each one to work separately in other formations or alone. Felipe Novoa is known as Magnum Opus and for being one of the two components of Alpha & Necromante. Francesco Presotto is Søulless, a nickname he uses alone, and he is also 50% of Geometria Nervosa.

Agent 15 is a young project, only a few months old, but with a hardened approach. Their first release was published in Industrial Complexx last May, in the middle of the health crisis, and again they are in the news because they are releasing a new EP, this time on the British label Drøne, inaugurated a few months ago with a first album in which they published 17 tracks from different authors, among them Magnum Opus and Søulless.

Voices In My Head is the third release by Drøne, four original tracks of visceral techno with two great versions by Kenny Campbell and Monya. The first cut is Burning Lullaby, with this track Agent 15 introduces you directly into their world, in a raw and devastating reality where techno continuously feeds back with industrial influences. With The Plague Of The Crown, the cruelty is intensified, thanks in part to its blunt punch and faster-than-average tempo. Expect Us is an extremely powerful track, although it does not appear to be so because it has a slower tempo. With Voices In My Head, the album takes on a melancholy character in terms of its sound, since it reminds us of the sound patterns of the first raves but, with a fairly renewed look and a small dose of industrial that is reflected mainly in the treatment adopted by the percussive part and the voice.

The fifth and sixth cuts of Voices In My Head are two versions of the theme of the same name. The Scottish Kenny Campbell intensifies the industrial influence of this track with a greater prominence of the bass line and with a more solemn punch. Monya is in charge of the second version of this track, a remix that this time takes a different direction, and although we can perfectly categorize the three tracks as industrial techno, each one has a different development from the rest. In this last version, the Polish artist increases strength in the face of sound forcefulness with a kick that gains explosiveness although it is diluted in the bass area, but unlike the rest, it becomes the part that stands out the most.

Release date: August 28th, 2020.


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