FSS – Occupant [Diffuse Reality]

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It’s been a year since the enigmatic FSS appeared with its brand new debut album published in Veyl. That MMXX_FFS was impressive for its rawness and forcefulness, for its message and for the way it was transmitted, since it knew how to channel the frustration of seeing how the human race is destroying its own habitat to the detriment of economic interests and a life based on consumption. FSS already predicted a sinister destiny for humanity and for the moment, this 2020 is showing us that our existence is more fragile than we think. However, if something was really significant in this launch it was not precisely his ability to predict this bad omen, but the sound environment created by the artist,

Diffuse Reality is the label that hosts their second album. Occupant shows the combative charisma of FSS, its 10 tracks perfectly detail the energy and sound control of its author. Shrine_150 is the cut that opens this release, a work with an industrial sound design, with a forceful punch, with a disturbing atmosphere and with esoteric voices, which at the same time reflects other musical influences, since the rhythmic seems to allude to the unstable break of IDM. Horizon_152 deepens in a controlled saturation, with a masterful control of the bass frequencies, with a double rhythm that gives it dynamism and again with solemn voices. With Siren_154, she once again supports herself with a double rhythm which this time gives her more prominence. Repeater_118 is a track with which FSS reaffirms its influences in experimental genres but, within an industrial context, although the track itself is not what it seems, as its evolution is very unexpected as well as original, although this turn towards electronic pop is only a mirage. Impel_147 is a track with an intro that announces an unexpected evolution, as it radically changes to a blunt 4×4 cadence, but it is not a stable techno, but rather a constant change of plot.

Ember_169 is Occupant’s sixth track, this time using again the resource of introducing an important change in its halfway, although this time it is not so surprising because the shamanic ritual voices fit perfectly in its musical environment. Vesper Hall_156 stands out for its syncopated rhythm, unalterable in rhythm but with variable textures. Bolt_150 is extreme, both for its tempo and its forcefulness, degraded, distorted and highly radioactive techno, in which its excellent sound treatment stands out. With Passage_148, FSS continues to bet on extreme sound, but this time it is the sum of textures that create a hostile environment. Defrost_139 is the last cut of the album, the track acts as an outro but with the very personal style of FSs, with that hardness and at the same time, with turns towards volatile contexts.

Release date: December 12th, 2020.


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