Bromo – No Signal [Oigovisiones Label]

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Bromo, a combo formed by Paloma Peñarrubia in the musical concept and Azael Ferrer in the visual development, returns to the Spanish label Oigovisiones Label to publish No Signal, an album that aims at the Common Space as opposed to the Cosmic Space, based on research and studies of different Aerospace Agencies that discern around the colonization, exploitation and militarization of that elusive ether.

Paloma Peñarrubia manages the musical part of Bromo and has spent 2 years to finish this album. The album shows the exponential growth of her compositional experience. The sound design is more complete and the conceptual and visual impact of this new hit is more forceful. It expresses the rhythmic IDM deepening in a sci-fi framework with arrangements that gain in complexity, spatiality and execution without losing sight of the organic. With a similar proportion of rhythm-noise and order-chaos but with an overflowing timbre palette, the beats collapse and space expands and contracts between visceral arpeggios and whips halfway between dark ambient, modern classical and noise. It is beautiful, terrifying, imposing…

Elsa Paricio’s graphic proposal for No signal is based on the iconography of the first images obtained from space, reconstructed from the graphic material resulting from a creative process based on the exposure of drawing materials to various weather conditions. A simulation of other worlds created from the same material. A vision of what is alien to us and what is alien to us.

Digital release date: July 27th, 2020.
Vinyl release date: Autumn 2020.


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