Prequel Tapes – The Golden Cage [Veyl]

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Veyl adds Marco Freivogel to his roster with his solo project Prequel Tapes, which he releases on the Italian label The Golden Cage, a diverse 8-track, in which the author exhibits an enormous creative potential in terms of textures, rhythmic structures and harmonic conjugation, thus completing a cycle of albums that began in 2015 with ‘Inner Systems’. ‘The Golden Cage’ is perhaps Prequel Tapes most heterogeneous and expansive work, as for the first time he uses his own voice and shows an evolved production and sound to new unexplored dimensions.

Working off the trauma of his father’s suicide, ‘The Golden Cage’ was spawned from a hyper-realistic dream experience which revealed the artist’s path, catalysing new productions and techniques. The result is a striking work of unconventional electronics that journeys through rhythms, atmospheres and experimentations. A true narrative of a continuously challenging personal journey

Beginning with the tension-building, free flow of ‘My Turn’, we then delve into grief and anger with ‘I Hate You’, which transforms into the pulsating tempos of ‘Stranger or Lover’. The glistening nostalgia of ‘Last Things’ marks the halfway point before grappling with the heavy introversion of ‘Alone’ and devious energy of ‘Mind Corner’. Nearing the end of our trip, ‘Without Remission’ uncovers the most dance floor tuned piece while finally the title track closes things out with an energy that will linger long after you’ve listened.

Release date: June 24th, 2022.


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