CONCEPTUAL -Null Respekt [Warm Up]

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Simone Scardino is 50% of Beat Movement and from now on, he also works as a solo artist as CONCEPTUAL, a new project with a very personal musical vision, specially directed to techno and, which inaugurates in a masterly way with a first album in Warm Up, the acclaimed label of the Madrid-born Oscar Mulero.

Null Respekt offers diversity within a futuristic environment. Red Sun is the track that opens the album, which from the very first moment places you in a dystopian context where the solidity of its base fights against the dissonant harmony of its strange melody. Basilisk and Nocturnal are tracks with a very different sound but, their qualities are quite similar, either because of their dynamism or because of the tonal range of the elements that accompany the bass drum and the bass line, which somehow seem to cushion their forcefulness. Blue Spirit is both hypnotic and annihilating, its intensity is extreme and possibly harmful to weak minds. With Upside Down, Simone moves to another galaxy, continues with a repetitive line but already with another more alien character.

Healing Dance is the sixth track of Null Respekt, another world to explore, and never better, as its main element can simulate some kind of ancient ritual. More Wants More mixes a new strident rhythm with a powerful punch. Paradise of Poets and Tasmanian Devil are the album’s most industrial tracks. On this occasion the rhythmic beat is placed in a lower frequency range, although as in most tracks it incorporates rather high rhythmic elements, as the main sign of identity of the Italian producer. Null Respekt closes the release with a slower but equally intense cadence.

Industrial Complexx goes ahead to offer you the premiere of the track of the same name and the album teaser, you can also listen to a preview of Null Respekt with the soundcloud snippets.

Release date: June 5th, 2020.

Video by: Emile Abadie aka ABEM

Artwork: Acid Hazel Official Videos: Emile Abadie aka ABEM, Giovanni lo Castro, Giorgio Funaro, Lefteris kastrinakis aka iaminnatural, Videosolid/NVS, Vincent Gabrielli, Florian Girardo aka Glitched Factor and Patrick Eckel.


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