Social Noise – Never Never [Fill-Lex Records]

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Social Noise is a new project based in Moscow, an artist who, although he debuts as a producer, has an important trajectory in the club scene of the Russian capital and also, with a very personal musical style, with an amalgam of influences that place him in scenarios as different as Goa, EBM and electro. He is not the first artist to mix the tantric and psychedelic concepts of trance with the strength and industrial textures of Electronic Body Music. A fellow countryman of his, Rambal Cochet, already surprised us last year with a similar style with his album released on Soil Records and with the podcast of the second anniversary of this label.

Oni is a six-track that combines different rhythmic structures, from breaks to binary measures, most of them with slow cadences, although we can also find some tracks with a much faster speed, and with sound patterns rich in nuances that give an important weight to the bass lines, which are fed by deep sub-bass, powerful arpeggios and even imposing acid sounds.

As a whole, this album, released by the Valencian label Fill-Lex Records, immerses you in a state of lethargy and an immersive experience. It is designed to trap the listener on the spot, as it seems designed to penetrate every last corner of the mind, from the vigour and strength of its textures to the hypnotism of its melodies.

Release date: November 20th, 2021.


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