Draugr – Nine Nights [Haven]

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Axel Fesancieux, known artistically as Draugr, joins the catalogue of the New Zealand label Haven with a strong musical proposal. Draugr is a young project, which at the same time has established itself as one of the French artists to be reckoned with in the Parisian techno scene. His contribution as a producer expands in various releases on several European labels and also on Wrongnotes, a label he founded together with Makornik, Heymes and Emile Anjeaux.

With Nine Nights, Draugr demonstrates his knack for generating explosive techno, with industrial influences, an extremely hard-hitting punch and, above all, the energy that characterises him as a producer. 

Gjöll opens the A-side of the EP with an enormous forcefulness, with a really sweeping and direct kick, which he combines with sub-bass textures and crunchy rhythmic elements. Völva also focuses its power on a big punch, however, everything that happens off the beat is more enveloping and ambient. Vigrid, the third track, or rather, the first cut of the B-side, again makes an apology to Draugr’s destructive and combative character, relying mainly on the hardness of the kick, which is accompanied by different ingredients, some are inserted in the rhythmic set and others appear sporadically. The EP closes with a remix of Gjöll by Headless Horseman, alias of Bill Youngman, who on this occasion also opts for the binary rhythm but slows down the speed in the middle to give relevance to the rest of the atmospheres.

Release date: December 10th, 2021.


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