E L O N – Pneumania [Left Hand Path]

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Pneumania is the first full-length album by E L O N, the latest project from California vocalist and electronic musician Elon Katz. Across six tracks, Pneumania unfolds psychedelic interpretations of beat-centric electronic music, referencing electro, dub techno, and illbient while searching for new ground.

The album title, Pneumania, derives from “pneumonia” and “pneumatic,” relating to both respiratory illness and air or gas under pressure, while phonetically pointing toward a literal ‘New Mania.’ The word is the artist’s attempt to characterize an accumulative paradigm shift experienced within the past decade: a rampant increase of precarity and austerity, an acceleration of avarice, and a trend toward extreme political schism.

Elon Katz has worked in various modalities since 2008, maintaining an active culture of projects including White Car, Streetwalker (in collaboration with Beau Wanzer), and a slew of other aliases, preferring creative flexibility over consistent branding. Pneumania is the follow-up to the 2016 E L O N EP, Concupiscence, on MIND Records, and the 2017 mix of original material for Grey Matter Archives curated by Japanese artist CVN.

Release date: June 25th, 2019.


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