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We don’t know the identity of FSS, the new artist to join Veyl‘s catalog, although the label itself has provided a series of data on its origin, such as that it originates from Mexico and that its current city of residence is London. He also tells us that he is a veteran producer, and that normally it is not the style or the mode, that he usually uses to debut on a platform.

MMXX_FFS is an album in which the author expresses his disappointment with the world, for the lack of empathy and commitment of the human being to solve the real problems we are suffering. MMXX_FFS comes to mean something like that we are practically in 2020 and living on this planet continues to be a struggle, and is increasingly unsustainable.

MMXX_FFS is an album that shows rawness, comparable to how hard can become the existence of any living being. The release opens with Outcross_141, forceful and distorted techno taken to the limit. Fracas_147 is the second cut of the A-side, and again the author expresses himself with harshness and with a high speed, and although he incorporates a great punch again, the main protagonism is the heartbreaking textures that accompany the bass drum. Airbust_134 is an industrial runway originally structured in a three-piece metric until, by surprise, the rhythm fades away with a long roll, and then returns to its original state. Tranquility Break_130 stands out for its originality in combining a marked rhythm with a break (which has little tranquility) with flangers and metallic chords that are intensified. Avens_105 closes the A-side with a pitch much lower than the rest of the tracks and with a rhythmic base that alters saturated degradation with cleaner parts.

Black Mat_143 opens the B-side as an excess track that starts with a small distorted sequence that later doubles its tempo, followed by a forceful break accompanied permanently by a double kick, a great potential in the low frequencies, voices and a tangle of saturated elements. With MWP1B_115, the second cut of face B, the author plays mainly with the intensity, since what at first seems a transitory track, without much transcendence, ends up being an energetic and forceful piece. Metglass_127 is synonymous with devastation, its punch is destructive and its environment is progressively worsening until entering a spiral of maximum ferocity. Free Radical_119 closes the album with the same force as the rest of the release and with a new master class of combination of rhythms and elements.

Release date: December 9th, 2019.


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