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Inseclude is a new project born from the collaboration between Brad MacAllister (CTRL, Blue Images) and Benjamin Londa (Exit). They will soon release their first work, an album of the same name with 11 tracks and different influences ranging from dark electronic music to gothic rock. Cure-inspired songs like “Glacier” to the experimental call-and-response of “The Great Falling Away” to their slight nod to Skinny Puppy in “Sondera” – genres and inspiration aside, this album is as unique as their name.

The album was recorded long distance – MacAllister (production, keyboards) started writing the music at his studio in Pennsylvania and Londa, from his studio in Texas, provided guitars, lyrics and vocals. The duo has worked intermittently over 3 years fine-tuning the album, and is excited to bring the finished product to fruition.

“Inseclude – the band name, the whole album – is paralysis; a defiance of gravity. Feeling everywhere and nowhere. An attempt to alter everything you know by pushing yourself to the limits and reconstructing the self, only to end up mentally frozen as if the actual process of change broke down. Stranded, stuck, yet still somehow able to see the light ahead.

Although there are traces of their other musical adventures, neither Londa nor MacAllister had written an album in the way Inseclude was created. Individually they each shared some demos, short recordings that were later developed. Both demanded a lot from themselves in order to complete this album, and although Londa and MacAllister have extensive experience as producers, their free time is currently limited, which is why the composition process was accelerated, which they say led to greater skill and the creation of increasingly strange and good music. In fact, it is not an easy album to catalogue, but all the songs make perfect sense to each other.

Release date: August 28th, 2020.


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