IOM – Synthetic Dreams of a Carpet Moth

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Iker Ormazabal (IOM) shows us the incredible sound generated by his machines and his methodical way of constructing different industrial landscapes with Synthetic Dreams of a Carpet Moth. This album concentrates the ability of this Spanish artist, based in London, to take advantage of his long experience as a producer, with more than a decade working with genres such as noise, drone, experimental or industrial.  

Synthetic Dreams of a Carpet Moth is a 12-track with a multitude of versions of what we can come to call industrial sound. From hard and penetrating rhythms, which at the same time are perfectly designed to be combined with extreme and highly radioactive textures, as is the case of the first 3 tracks, to connections with techno, with atmospheres more typical of ambient or drone, or also with other slower genres such as downtempo.

Release date: March 5th, 2021.

Artcover: Mimusa


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