Irrational Language – Multidimensional [Structured Records]

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The album as a release format can determine various causes about the author, such as an introspection about his or her artistic personality or about a subject matter that inspires or preoccupies him or her. This kind of extensive works show a usually more developed creativity, they are usually elaborated taking into account other elements besides the sound structure in order to influence both the artist and the listener’s perception.

Spanish producer Irrational Language releases Multidimensional, his first album in which he aims to represent a paradigm shift in terms of the negativity that prevails in today’s collective imaginary. Multidimensional, as its name already insinuates, crosses several musical styles and is understood as a DJ set where all the tracks have been created by Irrational Language. The artist, in this case, plays with a series of rhythms and melodies created in the image of his way of understanding life and music.

In this wide range of musical strands, each song is also understood from a functional point of view, where some have a more therapeutic value and others provide fun, danceable rhythms. The album comes to explore various fragments of the same thing. Music in this case. It is an album that goes through different dimensions of sound. Sometimes connecting more with our conscious part, others with the unconscious, but always resonating, in a subtle way, with our unconscious.

Release date: December 15th, 2022.


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