The Shadow’s Gone Out – Final Alarm

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It is gratifying to see new musical projects emerge with a defined style. The Shadow’s Gone Out is a new instrumental industrial rock band based in Tours (France), with only two members, Julien Nourtier on drums and samples, and Anthony Enault on bass.

In this group, influenced by underground music from England and the United States, there is no main instrument, their approach to sound revolves around music created with bass, drums, electro and industrial samples, and they may possibly add a guest to join them as a musician or vocalist.

Final Alarm, the first release from The Shadow’s Gone Out, clearly evidences a style and sound aimed at genres derived from post-punk such as darkwave or industrial. In the three tracks of this EP we can appreciate how all the sound lines that appear have a similar protagonism, from the drums to the harmonic elements or the unfathomable voices that appear.

Release date: September 29th, 2022.


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