JoyB – What’s that? [Metaphor Records]

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Madrid-based label Metaphor is back. It’s been two years since the release of Lars Huismann‘s EP, the label’s bid to inaugurate the vinyl division. Now, with this seventh release, Metaphor chooses to release a first album by several artists on cassette format.

Entropy is an album that brings together four producers such as Vortm, Dan Böhler, Shhgrr and JoyB. All of them are currently based in Madrid and bring different points of view of the same scenario such as disorder, randomness and the excesses of the properties of entropy. As a concept it has a logic that resides in uncertainty, and this, taken to the musical field, can have different interpretations.

The album is divided into 8 tracks, two per artist. Each producer shows different options, from binary beats to syncopated rhythms, with a lot of energy and stressful or claustrophobic atmospheres. The sensations are varied, some tracks invite you to dance, others to project your mind to far away places and others to try to escape from a nightmare.

Release date: June 8th, 2021.


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