Mauro Nakimi – Ordinary Extraordinary [Syntax]

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Syntax is a new project that covers several musical disciplines, although its most primary activity is born with the dissemination of club culture, with regular sessions that so far have only been held in the city of Valencia and has a fairly wide scene in terms of musical genres such as industrial, techno or any style of quality electronic music. But Syntax is much more than a mere club programming and the next step is about to be a reality with the first release of its new label.

Syntax emerges as a record company with a first release that shows the basic principles of this project, which are musical heterogeneity and support to artistic creativity. The reference includes tracks from several international electronic capos, the first of which is the British Dez Williams who opens the A-side with Forzsays, an electro track, with an impressive bass, a great rhythmic base and, with a short and repetitive banjo fragment that appears already in the first note and that remains unaltered during the whole course of the piece. Go5 and Lex-Or offer a dismal environment with a TAP, a rhythmically unstable track with a dark background full of details; from crisscrossed pads to acidic elements and other anarchic metrics components. SOJ closes this first face with Clau, industrial and very identifiable sound of this artist, with a firm punch and an immutable arpeggiated bass that is occasionally accompanied by another similar, but more degraded timbre, percussive combinations and some sharp cracks.

Negocius Man opens the B-side with Neo Mecanik, a track with an intense electronic rhythm, constant in its execution, which surprises by the decision it takes to emerge and hide in short periods of time along with the rest of the harmonic ingredients. Electrodynamique also proposes an electronic environment with Neosphere, but on this occasion, it mixes techno and electro materials, with a bass drum and a bass accentuated by the 4×4 but, it is the rhythmic variations and the rest of elements that make the listener rethink which genre it belongs to. Mauro Nakimi closes this reference with Ordinary Extraordinary, electro with a large atmospheric dose and an extraordinary melodic interpretation. And it is precisely this last track that we offer you in premiere from Industrial Complexx.

Release date: May 11th, 2020.


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