Philipp Strobel – Milk Me Episode II (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe)

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Milk Me is a Berlin-based platform dedicated to booking, events and concert promotion, which we have seen very active these last few days with the visit to the German capital of the entire Ombra crew at the end of last month, an event that took place at Urban Spree and that has its replica this coming Friday somewhere in Barcelona with Aufnahme + Wiedergabe as an ally of the entire team of the Catalan festival.

Milk Me premiered in February a series of research events about artists who have made a big difference in the Berlin music scene and who have also been part of the Milk Me events at the Urban Spree club for the last 6 years. The first episode was dedicated to Eyes Gone, an artist who is also linked to Strobel’s label. And this second episode maintains the same modus operandi, with an in-depth interview with the artist, a dj set recorded exclusively at Urban Spree Berlin for this digital event, and a third part dedicated to the artist’s image, with a timely photo shoot to fulfil the various artistic aspects they can offer.

This second chapter is about Philipp Strobel‘s career, and we think it’s a great way for our readers to get to know him as a DJ and also to get to know him as a person in this interview. So we can’t add much more and invite you to enjoy Philipp Strobel and this Milk Me initiative.


DJ Set:


Santiago López – Metatron II [Faith Disciplines]

Funeral Cave / Fábrica De Ratas – Control en la calle México [Fill-Lex Records]


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