Plaktilts – Atlas [Hedonic Reversal]

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The dynamics of Hedonic Reversal in recent months has been particularly intense, the Catalan label has released four great albums since March, the most recent, released this week, is a musical proposal by Plaktilts, a Japanese project born in Tokyo in 2015, and which since then has gained a reputation for its challenging and daring style, based on industrial, noise and techno.

Hedonic Reversal is still committed to extreme and rough sounds, and Atlas, this four-track from the Japanese formation, has all the necessary ingredients to be part of the catalogue of this label led by Huma. First of all, it is the eponymous track that opens this EP, with a surprising mixture of layers and rhythmic flashes that emerge from the depths.  The sonic character of Careless Whisper, the next track on Atlas, is oriented towards an environment in which the rhythmic patterns gain weight over the rest of the textures, even so, and above categorising it as techno, the corrosive aspect of its harmonic sequences perfectly details the degraded mood of the release.

With Amadeus, the third track on Atlas, the Japanese group once again stages an approach open to multiple ideas, since rhythm prevails but, on this occasion, it is enriched with innumerable elements, from purely synthetic sounds to other percussive components that are integrated with the rhythmic sequence. White Heaven closes the album with a landscape of infinite dimensions, in which the auditory field takes on an unlimited extension, thus showing the creative greatness of Plaktilts to place you in an inexhaustible sonic context.

Release date: August 18th, 2022.


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