Sara Oswald + Feldermelder – Drawn [-OUS]

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Feldermelder is, in addition to being one of the heads of the Swiss label -OUS, a seasoned producer of experimental electronic music with several releases on this and other labels. In fact, he returns once again to sign a new EP on -OUS, once again relying on the divine strings of cellist Sara Oswald, with whom he had already worked last year.

The sum of Sara Oswald’s cello and Feldermelder’s compositional mastery and sonic transformation creates a great mix of sensations. Any texture can be part of the joint creation and at the same time change its nature. This is the result of live manipulation and improvisation. 

On this EP all these attributes are observed. The duo is able to modify any sound structure to suit different environments. Fishes in Histogram Waterfalls is a track in which the strings are perfectly integrated in a context full of acoustic and electronic details, in some parts even making it difficult to perceive what is real and what is unreal, what is organic and what is artificial. Volcanic Meditation Walks shows a different sense of what we could expect from this symbiosis, as this track is dominated by a rhythmic part generated by Sara’s strings, to which we must add several melodic resources that struggle between naturalness and timbral deformation. Short Term Memories is the third and last track on Drawn. On this occasion we have to praise the ability of this pair of artists to change scenery within the same work, as we can associate it with different moods as we listen to it.

Release date: June 18th, 2021.


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