Sard – Void Stares Back [Amphiboly Records]

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Amphiboly Records is a new techno-oriented record project based in the Motor City. From Detroit, its two founders, Andrew Barren and Sard, release a first release featuring 2 tracks each.

Void Stares Back is an EP with 4 tracks designed exclusively for the dancefloor. Sard opens the EP with the track of the same name, a sinister halftime track with modulating noises and melting percussive sounds. On A2, “Null Runner”, Sard delivers a hypnotic dancefloor ripper with delayed pulses that reverberate through any room.

Andrew Barren begins Side B collaborating with Remittance on their track “PISCATAWAY” . Slowly evolving, it features a hellish kick and aggressive drones that builds in temperature over time. Barren closes out the EP with “Flesh”, a spacey track with strong drums as its backbone and layers of atmosphere that gives out to modulated percussion.

Release date: July 29th, 2021.


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