STNDRD – Abductive Reasoning [Analog Section Records]

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STNDRD is incorporated as a member of the artistic lineage of Analog Section with a conceptual launch of psychological character in which the author relies on a conclusive hypothesis with several fronts linked to techniques and results. Abductive Reasoning is a reference that discharges all responsibility in a descriptive work that seeks to anticipate or prepare the listener before being reproduced.

The record company returns to the digital series with this fifth instalment in which the artist experiments with his initial track a preconceived judgement full of positivism. Allophilia acts as a preface immersed in an ambiguous atmosphere that can cause different interpretations, however, its purpose is completely predetermined. STNDRD seeks to suggest to the public the nature of this first track of an environmental and profound nature, and invites them to discover its most affable part before making any opinion.

With Spellbinding, the Portuguese producer discovers a more earthy, direct and attractive reality. The track itself is interpreted as a more determinant and effective medium thanks to the forceful line it presents, the origin of the invigorating state of mind that manifests with an imposing and marked bass drum, a pair of tilting motifs, and penetrating pads that as they emerge are absent.

Age Regression refers to another clinical system with amazing outcomes, with this third cut STNDRD plunges you completely into a powerful and submissive mental condition while the musical environment acts as a powerful activator of the subconscious.

Boundless closes the EP crossing any imaginary barrier. This time, the rhythmic part suffers an effect of duplicity and is the only thing that remains firm, since the rest of the elements are subjected to constant panoramic and tonal changes.

Abductive Reasoning EP will be available since 20th February.


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