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Flux is an Italian multidisciplinary platform that has adopted several facets in favour of the dissemination of music. For eight years it has researched and disseminated information, news and interviews about all those artists and projects that, directly or indirectly, have helped to shape the current music scene. They have acted as intermediaries between new and humble record companies and their followers, and have supported emerging artists who over time have earned the respect of this community.

Flux’s commitment to the electronic music scene has been evident. To its activity from its webzine we have to add the publication of podcasts, the broadcasting of radio programs and the publication of magazines inspired by the 80’s fanzines. But Flux takes another step towards a more solid structure and incorporates the recording activity as a new work to be developed from this platform.

FLUX Musical Arts starts today with CONNECTIONS, an album inspired by Flux’s history, the connections between artists, agencies, labels and fans. And it is really inspiring to define the first release of this label, because no matter how vast this universe is, whoever pursues the same interests ends up finally connected to this network.

CONNECTIONS is a 16-track album by various artists. Arrhythmia opens the album with Punk in Berlin, an ode to the counterculture with a destructive rhythmic part and a placid yet degraded harmonic part. Shrouds shows with Fear And Chaos, The Currencies Of Control a primitive musical aspect. Geometria Nervosa explores another field of industrial music, Cataclysm represents the lo-fi sound and gets closer to the new post-punk scene. Hypnoskull defends the tension and textures taken to the limit with Orgy Of Vacuity. Fire At Work and Sirio Gry J opt for a slow cadence and constant 4×4 punch with Suburbia. Bad Faith Actor creates a heartbreaking atmosphere with Night of the Forsak. She Become A Poison is a mix of EBM and synthwave by Italian Nghtly. Tomohiko Sagae‘s industrial techno is overwhelming, Sanday Scaries is starting out strong, but her intensity is growing and she manages to be penetrating.

Countermeasures Electronics creates with You an environment that mixes the industrial scourge with a design of spatial voices and melodies. Again we find the mixture of elements of the industrial and the sound treatment worn out with Haathirail, track of Imminent. Nathaniel offers another, sharper point of view with Planar Shift, but Huren brings us back to the dirty, battered sound with Live At Casbah. Exome feat.Perpetuum breaks away from all the previous setups, Hope Is A Curse suddenly goes from calm to extremism. Last Days Of S.e.x. goes for corrosive techno with Enigma 23. Abuse, by Hyperlacrimae, is a hyperactive track with an extremely accelerated rhythm and a fulminating punch. Assassani closes the album with the dynamic techno of Arquitectura Hostil.

Release date: May 29th, 2020.


CONCEPTUAL -Null Respekt [Warm Up]

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