VA – Honoris III Tribute to Bauhaus (IC023)

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“Brief Chronicle about Bauhaus” is a book that Industrial Complexx publishes together with Honoris III Tribute to Bauhaus, an album created by Unknown Pleasures Records to pay tribute to Bauhaus, the band that conditioned post-punk to take a sonic trajectory based on what they later called gothic rock.

Industrial Complexx is once again resorting to the same formula with this special release that combines the album in double cassette format and a biographical book about Bauhaus. Unknown Pleasures Records releases this compilation on CD and Soil Records on vinyl.

The book concisely tells the story and the different stages of this band from Northampton, it is an unauthorised biography written by Ximo Noguera, so some of the assessments are personal. The graphic design is by Iván Galíndez. The cover is by Mimusa (Berta Gomez).

Book (English Version):
Libro (Versión Español):
Book + double cassette:
Libro + doble casete:
Doble cassette:

A01 Versari – Terror Couple Kill Colonel
A02 Sebastien Faits Divers Diamond Dog – In The Flat Field
A03 Opium Dream Estate – Double Dare
A04 The Married Monk feat Emmanuel Hubaut – Who Killed Mister Moonlight
A05 SOJ feat PETRA FLURR – Lagartija Nick

B01 Kill Shelter – She’s In Parties
B02 Selfishadows – Kick In The Eye
B03 Judith Juillerat – Hollow Hills
B04 Swesor Bhrater – King Volcano
B05 Mynationshit feat From Hell – Slice Of Life

C01 Years of Denial – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
C02 Blind Delon – Mask
C03 Chris Shape feat. Velvet Kills – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
C04 Radikal Kuss – Dark Entries V02

D01 Crystalline Stricture feat M McIntyre – Swing The Heartache
D02 Alpha Sect Electrified Remix feat. Oroboros – Dark Entries
D03 Edgar’s Dreams – Hollow Hills
D04 La Main – The Three Shadows Part 2
D05 Santiago López – Antonin Artaud

Release date: May 21st, 2022.


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