VA – Sardonic Tonality Vol. 2 [Haven]

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Haven’s fourth release in their white label series continues its focus on dance-floor-ready madness with the label’s second VA compilation on ‘Sardonic Tonality Vol. 2’, this time with four newcomers to the burgeoning imprint.

The A1 launches the release with ‘Step Out’ from mysterious duo ‘Taken Name’. With razor-sharp sound design, bass-heavy synth work, and sinister atmospheres this certified banger is already proving its ability to get bodies moving. Following on the A2 is a hazy smasher from Copenhagen resident and TRTLNCK co-founder Riesenfeld, featuring epic synth lines and emotive pads while being propelled forward by its rolling drum work in a perfect example of what draws people to the sound of the Danish capital.

The B-side begins with a true weirdo slammer from Ryan James Ford. With its pounding kick, drum breaks, ominous melody, and peculiar atmospherics it provides the perfect ingredients for a hectic club weapon. The release closes with a creepy, drugged-out banger from US producer Julien Andreas. Malevolent vocals, pulsing bass, crunchy drums and bizzaro sound design combine in another dance-floor-ready trip to close another potent collection from Haven.

Release date: April 17th, 2020.


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