VA – What Doesn’t Kill u Makes u Weird at Intimacy [Modified Boredom]

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What Doesn’t Kill u Makes u Weird at Intimacy is the first compilation from Greek label Modified Boredom, dedicated to the late noise artist Miss Terra Bates aka Jo Vallianatou whom passed away in 2021.

Here 11 artists offer their personal vision of “anti-techno” music, presenting a mutant experience for freaks and underground audience.

We start with Kumasi and the obsessive mantra of Klara, a track developing a cinematic and industrial-tinged atmosphere. We follow suit with Alpha Sect and the Boredom Mix of Abundance Of Lies, an old-school episode with strong 90s vibes and steady bass sounds, while Edge Control by Mono.tonik is a syncopated and crawling affair based on hypnotizing effects and sharp lines.

Aspect Radio goes robotic with Mixolydian L Par Sec, an electro track with pulsating patterns, and Sirap touches rhythmic noise territories with Psofos and its engaging distortions and cymbals. Immersion showcases in Maldoror dry rhythms and an almost ritualistic style, and Warhead collaborates with TONTO in the cinematic Straight Lines, an episode built upon suspense, soulful synths and downtuned moments.

DAS – Data Receiver is a dark techno pastiche with steady kick sounds and sarpentine snares and cymbals enriched by pumping bass sounds, veteran rhythmic noise artist Last Days of S.E.X offers Covid Cancelled Parties, a charismatic game of eerie effects, obsessive and scratching noises and droning movements.

Veronica Moser feat. Dirty Sanchez engulfs us and dominates the scene with a  broken pattern that is a full-on distortion aiming to alienate the listener, and Impedance ends the work with Tha Pethanoume Oloi going fully chaotic in an abrasive march where techno and noise become one via distorted kicks and crunching cymbals.

An interesting and very diverse compilation showcasing some new and some well known names with a progression toward noisier territories. If you are into underground techno-noise and the peculiar approach of the Greek scene, this is a recommended experience.

Release date: February 12th, 2022.

Text by: Davide Pappalardo.


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