Avilynn – Acacia [Taisha Records]

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Avilynn founded her label Taisha with the idea of altering the relationship between artist and music lover, and shifting their exchange away from the digital domain and back to the physical world.

The focus of the label is on releasing physical products – with emphasis on supporting physical record stores – as well as the use of the cityscape as the primary interface between musician and potential music listener. Access to Avilynn’s music and multimedia output is made possible through stickers scattered about different city scapes (all over the world) which feature personal quotes from the artist and QR codes. Life experiences in macro and micro; daily reveries and introspections; byproducts of clubbing and city life…converted into sonic frequencies.

Anaesthesia is a four track vinyl-only EP that traverses hybrid techno subgenres. Hypnotic, opiate and cinematic – the stuff ready-made for synesthetes. Side A explores rich, multiplex, down-tempo soundscapes, while Side B is dancefloor oriented and focused on building different themes using the track structure. The highlight of the EP is the song ‘’Never Relax”, inspired by the realities of producing hidecibel club music in a house full of sound-sensitive neighbours.

Release date: September 1st, 2020.


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