Avox25 – Dynamic Tension (Irazu Blinded Mix Remix) [Gordo Trax]

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A record label is a personal project where the taste or style of its owners has an influence, since it usually represents the image and likeness of its creator. Gordo Trax also represents the sound aesthetics of their owners, but even more what it symbolizes is the original project, Gordo as a leisure proposal.

Gordo Club’s techno nights have been suspended, as has the whole club scene, but the planet continues to rotate, life goes on and Gordo as a platform continues to exercise and devise musical proposals until all this problem is minimized and we can once again enjoy the freedom to dance or listen that clubs provide.

Avox25 signs the fourth reference of Gordo Trax with Dynamic Tension, an EP in which the Catalan producer presents two tracks of obsessive techno. The track of the same name is forceful, but it is its rhythmic details that give it a tenacious and energetic character. Movement, the second track of this release, is a less vigorous track, with more static rhythms, but much more mental and deep.

Avox25 shares this release with two versions of the first track by Irazu. In the first remix, the tension increases and the strength of the punch gets tangled. The second remix is more direct, the rhythm is perceived more clearly and the nervousness caused by the medium-high tones is pushed into the background.

Release date: November 6th, 2020.


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