Ayankoko – Cabin Death [Toksynna]

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Ayankoko has a very personal and advanced vision of music. David Vilayleck is the owner of Ayan Records, a netlabel with more than a hundred published references. The label is open to the most diverse sonic expressions, from field recordings to ethnic extravaganzas, but what abounds most is experimental electronica resulting from excessively oppressed soundscapes and textural modulations. And the reason this sound has proliferated most is because Ayankoko himself is the author of much of the catalogue and is an expert in the field.

Vilayleck has more than half of Ayan Records’ references between albums, improvisations and live performances, he has also released a significant number of works on different labels, but to understand the French artist’s ingenuity it is not necessary to go back to his first works and go back 15 years, by studying his most recent releases we can admire his great potential.

Ayankoko signs Toksynna‘s fourth release. Cabin Death is an album with 3 full-length tracks in which the French artist squeezes and twists every sound element. Advanced and abstract electronic music with an extremely complex design and structure.

Release date: February 16th, 2021.


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