Years of Denial – Suicide Disco Remixes [Veyl]

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Suicide Disco is so far the most outstanding work of Years of Denial, this first album by Jerome Tcherneyan and Barkosina Hanusova stands out for the great work of the duo to keep fresh a genre subjected to extremist themes and very different interpretations according to the influences of each artist. In the case of Years of Denial, their sound is very personal and compact, with a marked presence in the bass lines and Hanusova’s penetrating voice.

This album was released last November on Veyl, the label that houses Suicide Disco Remixes, an EP with four new interpretations. The first is a version of Silent Servant, the American producer remixing Human You Scare Me and giving the track a more energetic character by doubling the arpeggio from quaver to sixteenths. To this melodic succession with scattered notes we have to add a pad that flies over a large part of the piece, thus generating a hypnotic effect. Orphx signs the second cut of the A-side, this time the Canadian couple versions You Like It When It Hurts and adapts it to a more excited state, with a more intense and electrifying percussive part.

In Pain I Meditate is the clue that opens the B-side. The British artist Broken English Club creates a less dynamic version and gives more prominence to the rhythmic part with strong drums that emulate a kind of shamanic ritual, like an ancestral dance that introduces you into a dismal underworld continuously altered with strident signals. Endurance is the track that opens the original album, this intro becomes an outro by the hand of Alexey Volkov, and unlike the original track what we can find is a chaos generated by a multitude of sound sources.

Release date: March 16th, 2020.


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