Blitzkrieg Baby – Genocidal Sextasy [Cloister Recordings]

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Norwegian artist Blitzkrieg Baby a.k.a Kim Sølve is a rising name in the world of modern industrial/Noise music. Active since 2013 with his first album Porcus Norvegicus, he presents to us a personal take on abrasive sounds and grim ambiances, informed by a taste for brooding atmospheres and an ironic attitude.

His last work Genocidal Sexstasy follows this lead, employing EBM elements upon death industrial undertones and dark ambient soundscapes with the help of Bjeima, The Right Reverend Mr. B, Aymeric Thomas, and Frederic Arbour. The result is a mysterious and enthralling work indulging in rhythmic moments, ritual marches, coarse episodes with a menacing spirit.

If Open Season On Homo Sapiens welcomes us to his world with eerie lines and whispered vocals layered upon droning effects, Kill The All instead follows a slow parade in which harsh vocals move among a mechanical, slow mantra. Melancholic strings underline the course of the track to great effect.

Manhunt touches techno industrial territories while retaining the project’s dark and militant nature, showcasing steady kick drums and shrilling synth sounds, while Fuck Toy For The Death Patrols is an ominous instrumental with a cinematic take on droning rhythms and ghostly ambiances.

The title track plays with slow rhythmic noise and gothic sounds, conjuring an alarming atmosphere rich in tension and characterized by a slow crescendo. Piggy ends the album with death industrial not too far from the style of MZ.412 and Trepaneringsritualen, sporting coarse vocals and a militant march in which powerful drums move upon distorted effects.

Genocidal Sexstasy is a very personal work which goes beyond the concept of genre and style, using different elements of today and yesterday’s industrial music in an adventurous but coherent concept. Prepare yourself for a ride with some surprises and a moody nature, where the listener will be rewarded.

Release date: June 21th, 2020.

Text: Davide Pappalardo


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