Cellarkalt – Umleidung [Jetztwelt]

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Jetztwelt is a label created in the early days of 2020 by Benedikt Schmidt to house his entire artistic heritage, which is not only based on his musical work, but also combines other disciplines such as literature, as Benedikt also uses this medium to publish his books of poetry, as well as artistic impressions of artist friends.

Benedikt Schmidt’s most prolific and longest-lived musical project is Cellarkalt, an alias under which Benedikt has been working since the late 1990s. Under this nickname he started experimenting in the basement of his parents’ house with the creation of strange sounds, recording experimental tracks and sketches directly onto cassette tapes. The choice of instruments and toys may have changed over the years, but Cellarkalt’s approach remains the same: Cellarkalt is DADA and DIY. It is poetic and imperfect, strange and raw, sometimes even psychedelic. Cellarkalt speaks through the noise of machines.

“Neues Licht an unbestimmtem Morgen” marks the beginning of a series of Cellarkalt releases on Jetztwelt. The album features 10 tracks in which the artist explores from different sonic approaches his aptitude to create from corrosive atmospheres to other spaces in which he plays suggestively with the listener’s mind.

Release date: August 5th, 2022.


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