Costume – Preserve Humanity [Self-released]

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Costume aka Claudia Placanica and MauSS return with a new 6-track digital and vinyl release called Preserve Humanity. Here the duo continue their recent streak of experimental releases moving between mysterious electronic suggestions and punk/rock elements mixing house, techno, newwave, trip-hop, punk, lounge, and much more.

The first track is a self-titled episode with feverish atmospheres and broken rhythms upon which Claudia’s whispers are layered like ethereal ghosts moving in the mists of time. Everything is like suspended while sudden pulses and droning effects further alienate the listener with its “David Lynch” vibes. A modern noir affair with dark elegance.

Protect Me employs a stark drum machine with a militant sound and melodic guitars, Claudia’s voice this time is full of emotional pathos and the music works as a fine dress to her performance. Harsher vocal moments underline a rock attitude with narrative gusto.

Democracy Burns is another rock pastiche recalling Violator/Songs Of Faith And Devotion era Depeche Mode with its fusion of electronics and distorted guitars. The strings work as a droning movement paired with an obsessive rhythmic effect, while the singer’s voice displays a passionate crooning nature with blues qualities.

All in all, Preserve Humanity is one of Costume’s releases linked to their electro-rock side, employing electronics and synth sounds as minimal and dry complement to looping guitars and surreal atmospheres enhanced by Claudia’s seductive vocals. Have a listen.

Release date: December 17th, 2021.

Text by: Davide Pappalardo


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