Distant – Carmesí Diabla (Randstad Remix) [Soil Records]

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Keeping up to date with Soil Records is proving to be quite complicated, their catalogue grows vertiginously with several monthly releases, always combining cassette and vinyl formats. To this frenetic activity, we have to add the suggestive that it is to check the great cast of artists that appear on the label, with many known names and others that are not so well known and that we are grateful to know.

Having just completed three years of this project, we can count 48 albums released on tape and 13 on vinyl. This thirteenth is an EP signed by the Argentinian producer Distant, who after his contribution to the second volume of the series of various artists Tears For Fears, returns to Soil with an album in which 4 different authors adapt their criteria to the same track.

The original Carmesí Diabla track will be released shortly on cassette and on this release it is reinterpreted with 4 very different outcomes. The first is a version by Thomas van Linge, known artistically as Randstad and for being the boss of BAKK and Rubber. The remix is sweeping and energetic, with a consistent punch, an arpeggiated bass line that fits perfectly with the strength of the track and several other resources such as acid lines and a voice that emerges from the guts. The second cut on side A is by German Marc Trauner, a legend of European electronic music, known for his countless aliases such as the mythical Mescalinum United project, although this time he works as The Mover. His version is conceived in a different universe than Randstad’s, here it doesn’t flow in a bellicose environment, but rather coexists in a docile and elegant context, with an electro-oriented direction.

The B-side opens with a version of another legend of the European industrial scene. In this case it’s the Italian Max Durante, who, with his reliable techno-industrial, develops a remix in which the crushing kick is the centre of attention. Melania‘s reinterpretation closes the EP with a fierce and relentless twist, with an ostentatious punch although, unlike the previous track, it adopts an atmospheric character with several chordal incursions that do not alter its tonal quality.

Release date: July 2nd, 2021.


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