DJ Datch – Diary of my Misanthropy [No Way Records]

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DJ Datch returns to No Way Records with a similar approach to his debut with the label. Last year this Italian producer signed an EP with 3 original tracks and a version of one of them by another artist, this time it was the young talent Andrea Cossu. In this proposal, again DJ Datch exhibits a penetrating techno but, unlike his previous work on this label, the format is vinyl and the original tracks are limited to 2 tracks, with two versions by the Portuguese Steve Parker and his compatriot Ruhig.

Diary of my Misanthropy opens with the track of the same name, with a first cut that perfectly reflects the consistency that DJ Datch uses to create techno from a clear and pumping atmosphere. The kick is the sound element that determines the marked and direct personality of his work, the low frequencies of his punch are complemented by the arpeggio of the bass line, with the unique intrusion of the hi hat. Steve Parker’s remix adds more harmonics and a brighter sound, the bass line, like the kick, sounds in a sharper tone, therefore the shadowy environment of the original track fades away in this new interpretation.

Decompression is the third track on the EP and the second original DJ Datch cut. In the first bars it suggests that a range of frequencies below midrange is again accentuated and that the kick and bass line will prevail over the other textures in the direction, and indeed it does, but everything changes when a mix of pad-shaped harmonics and brighter percussion is incorporated. Ruhig is responsible for remixing this track, and as with Steve Parker’s reinterpretation, Ruhig also elevates the tonality, as well as introducing a new rhythmic part.

Release date: October 9th, 2020.


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