Ethical Governor – Perfect Sense [Enclosed Order]

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Belfast based techno producer. Formerly released under the Hoth System moniker on labels such as Aesir, Dubtek Vinyl, and more rebranded as Ethical Governor. To debut his new alias as Ethical Governor, Tony McMurray has released a provocative new album on his recently created label Enclosed Order. Expect a hard-hitting, high-paced album full of suspense at every corner.

Containing 8 tracks which come together to tell a story of dystopian mayhem, he uses groovy techno elements cunningly to create order out of seemingly chaos. Each track contains electronic and mechanic elements that encompass your ears at every moment, packing them full of intense, raw and intricate dance beats designed to get you hot and sweaty. Captivating your ears by releasing tempo’s that mutate in line with every emotion and stage of a night out, Ethical Governor manages to create a piece of work that’s designed to raise the heartbeat of any listener.

Release date: February 25th, 2020.


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