German Affair – Poisonous Tongue [Set Theory Records]

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The Catalan duo German Affair repeat platform to present their second work. In 2018, this couple formed by Inakito and Derobla debuted in Set Theory with ‘Dro’, a release with two original tracks and 3 versions that differ quite a bit from the main track.  But unlike their first release, this new EP by German Affair does not feature any remixes or collaborations by other artists, Poisonous Tongue is an EP with 4 original tracks.

First up is the brilliant ‘Not Like Em’, with overdriven synth loops and muffled voices woven into paranoid layers of edgy techno then laced into hard hitting and broken drum beats. ‘KBon Klinik’ is an acid laced techno track that builds to a frantic peak. Suspensory pads take you higher and add to the sense of dystopian space travel.

Next up is ‘Poisonous Tongue’ which traps you in an edgy word of serrated, machine gun-like synths, crashing hits and drums and dark vocals that are sure to become anthemic once large clubs are marching to its beat. Closing things out is the haunting and eerie ‘Bloody Daddies’ with its punchy drum programming, distorted textures and utterly physical rhythm all run through with freaky spoken word samples.

Relase date: January 31th, 2019.


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