Meltphace – Rewind (Gestalt Remix) [Diffuse Reality]

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Diffuse Reality covers a wide range of styles derived mainly from extreme sound treatments. Any genre is likely to star in a launch in the Spanish-Argentinean label, as long as it adopts an intrinsic character, or its textures degenerate into a style with its own identity.

We usually think of techno as a genre that tolerates continuous changes and alterations, and on the other hand, in other styles like electro we tend to think that it supports less influences and that its evolution is slower. Artists like Meltphace show us that a style like electro can also be exposed to aggressive methodologies.

Meltphace is a new artist of unknown origin and is also the one who signs the next Diffuse Reality album. In this LP, this enigmatic producer develops a style based on a corrosive and saturated electro. 5 original tracks and 3 remixes of Jauzas The Shining, Assembler Code and Gestalt.

Here’s a premiere of Rewind by Swedish producer Gestalt.

Release date: November 15th, 2019


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