Moral Excerpt – Power Through Ignorance

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Moral Excerpt is the duo formed by Francesco Rachele (Søulless) and Davide Pappalardo, a project that revolves around an extreme industrial sound in which textures degrade, deteriorate and merge with sharp buzzes.

Power Through Ignorance is Moral Excerpt’s first full-length piece and Industrial Complexx’s tenth reference. The album is an ode to sound expression and its different interpretations. In its 15 tracks we can appreciate how this intense sound field can be connected with stridencies, with noise, with rhythm and with musicality, because not everything is violence and acoustic annihilation, since within this radioactive environment there are also spaces for serenity, fragility and for a certain well-being.

Power Through Ignorance is published in 7 tracks on each side of the cassette and one more as a bonus track in digital.

Artcover: Mimusa

Release date: October 28th, 2020


Costume – Kosmos

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