Nekyia & FossaDelRumore – Facing The Absurd [Voidance Records]

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Facing The Absurd is a concept album based on the current reality that human beings live, on the dualisms that people experience about a tangible and palpable world and an unreal one in which the perception of each individual can vary to generate different priorities. In this release, the ethereal conditions are investigated, those that have no determined meaning and are not indispensable to cope with everyday life.

Nekyia and FossaDelRumore are two side projects of Marco Squillace and Pietro Michi based in Florence. Both combine their musical qualities in a release that mixes styles such as dark ambient, industrial and noise. Ineffable describes how a situation can move from a state of relative harmony to an unsettling attitude, with a progressive tension in which nervousness and anguish become intimidating. Facing the Absurd emerges from a fear of the unknown, with a fear that transforms into an energetic reaction to face reality. Transient Sense conveys a brittle confidence, routine and temperance are continually subject to unforeseen events that can slightly alter the course of existence.

The B-side of Facing The Absurd hosts two remixes by Karim Maas and Grebestein respectively. In this version of Ineffable, the anxiety is more insistent than in the original track, the uncertainty is heightened, the pressure is increased and the denouement is softened. The reinterpretation of Transient Sense places you in a more positive and ideal scenario to coexist with a stable rhythm of life, however, this path remains just as unpredictable. 

Release date: May 31st, 2021.


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