Neurotic Drum Band / Ulysses [Serotonin Records]

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Serotonin Records’s epic odyssey to bring endless funk to the world has again found a deep vain of grooves to mine. Having all the features of a Serotonin classic, SER-024 Neurotic Drum Band – The Last Parabola / Ulysses – Palefinger is a 3-track split EP with loops/locked-grooves on the vinyl.

Neurotic Drum Band’s Last Parabola arcs upwards from an earthly base of machine funk and launches through the atmospheric layers to stellar reaches of the cosmic void (well, as far into the cosmic void that was reachable from the comfort and safety of their music studio/living room couch, at any rate).

Ulysses provides two perspicacious* takes on the Serotonin vibe. Shiny Destruction drives and drifts, balancing melancholy and random angular twists. The airtight yet sultry groove of Palefinger slides along swiftly with caustic undertones.


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