Nkx & Hannah Addams – Neural Hypoventilation [Casanova Bar]

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The history of Casanova Bar is reminiscent of many musical projects that are not born of a rapid chemical reaction like the Big Bang, but long before it was established as a record label, there were already some concerns on the part of its owners, which were gradually transformed what was first a proposal for a club into a goal aimed at the music industry as a label.

Casanova Bar is consolidated as a record company in 2018 with two first releases by Nkx and Hannah Addams respectively. Both artists publish these works separately but, recently presented their first collaboration in the Mexican label Illegal Alien Records, owned by Ricardo Garduno. And it is precisely Ricardo Garduno who contributes with a remix on the last EP of these artists, this time released at their home, on Casanova Bar Records.

Pandemonium is a four-track with a first cut of the same name of hypnotic techno in which several simultaneous arpeggios are dissociated from the rhythmic pattern. This same track takes on a more forceful character with Ricardo Garduno’s version. The B-side opens with Entropic Love, uniform techno backed by a heartbreaking synth line. Neural Hypoventilation is the fourth and final cut on this album, and also the most penetrating and darkest.

Release date: September 10th, 2020.


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