Huren – Contaminata [Flux Musical Art]

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Flux is a project that emerged a decade ago as a platform and information support, as its original activity was aimed at researching and disseminating information, news, reviews and interviews about artists and projects that follow a musical line similar to the philosophy of this webzine. As a means of communication, it has contributed to connect artists and record labels with part of their public, as well as always supporting humble and emerging projects that over the years have become consolidated.

Flux webzine grew and its activity also increased when they began to explore other fields, including collaborations in radio broadcasts, fanzine publications together with She Lost Kontrol and more recently, in 2020, the project was also set up as a record label.

Connections was the release that inaugurated the Flux Musical Art catalogue in May 2020, now, three years later and to celebrate Flux’s 10 years in business, a project that began in 2012, the label is releasing a second volume of Connections with a similar approach in which a group of artists, this time a total of 12 producers, contribute their talents to put out a heterogeneous release that perfectly showcases the label’s personality.

German artist Gamlaskatten opens the album with Tactical, low-revving industrial techno with a great sense of groove. Incendie, Arthur Bdt’s solo project, opts for syncopated rhythm and metallic textures with Ghosts in the walls of my mind. Square & α Wave 1, from Crime Die, is a sequence of events surrounding a forceful arpeggiated line. Echoes Of Murder, a track from Italy’s Exome, is a dense mix of frequencies that emerges from the bowels of the underworld. Sirius Gry J completely transforms the seemingly peaceful landscape of Mole IX in its opening bars with the arrival of a hard-hitting industrial beat. Mono no aware unloads an extra dose of power noise with Dekodemo, daredemo.

Contaminata is a steamroller, Huren turns the rhythmic sequences into a roller that destroys everything in its path. Nemrac chooses the raw and robust path of industrial with Leisure Seeker. Hypnoskull‘s I Have Pulled The Blankets Of Doom Upon Me To Suffocate Elegantly mixes unfathomable textures with extreme punch, a very similar choice to Øperat‘s Fixed Width track, both of which stand out for the sheer force of their kick. Fangarm also relies on the energy of the kick to create Puritania, although it avoids the binary rhythm and applies a rhythm based on triplet and syncopation. Uncto closes this second volume of Connections also breaking the rhythmic regularity, Leaving Towards Another Dimension, besides accentuating the punch, also stands out for its harmonic transition, from the first fuzzy bars to a solemn and very appropriate ending to close the album.

Release date: February 28th, 2023.


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