Alexey Volkov – Monotonic Impermanence [Strange Therapy]

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Alexey Volkov‘s artistic career began in 2010 with his first release on the French label Zone, run by Michel Amato aka The Hacker. From this release onwards, Volkov has made every track and every EP he has released profitable with notable appearances on major labels such as Planete Rouge Records, owned by Terence Fixmer, with whom he worked closely on several releases. In addition, we must not forget that he collaborated with artists and musical projects such as Blush Response and Years of Denial, without forgetting his participation in the tribute to Genesis P-Orridge, albums released on Unknown Pleasures Records, the French label owned by Pedro Peñas who also devised this project to help with palliative means to the leader of mythical bands such as Throbbing Gristle or Psychic TV.

Alexey Volkov’s sound has matured a lot over the last decade, although the techno he produced in his first releases already showed a clear dark line, however, this direction has grown over time until the techno attributes have given way to the industrial character of his productions.

Monotonic Impermanence is Alexey Volkov’s debut full-length. This album, released on the Dutch label Strange Therapy, is, besides being particularly dark, with imposing bass lines and forceful percussion, vibrant and intense, a post-industrial sound that perfectly unravels every detail and manages to penetrate the listener’s subconscious.

Release date: December 12th, 2022.


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