SOJ – Ritmos Mutantes / Human 80 – Bewegungsmaschinen [Miseria]

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Miseria Records is a new record project conceived and directed by Mexican producer Carlos GrabStein. This label has been created in the image and likeness of its head, with sonic ideals oriented towards the whole aura surrounding industrial and all the musical diversity that has emerged for decades with this scene, obscure electronic music focused on sounds and styles ranging from Synth Punk, Minimal Synth to EBM, Industrial and New Beat. 

Within days of each other, Miseria has released his first two albums and has made it clear that the project has the support of great producers. Bodywork Selections Vol.1 and Upperwave Selections Vol.1 are two albums that show the numerous possibilities that styles such as EBM, industrial or minimal synth among others can adopt, as each author imposes his own criteria, based on his taste and musical culture, and above all, on his modus operandi and creativity to express it.

Miseria Records is a label with Mexican roots but currently based in the German capital, which defines itself as a series of compilations curated by Berlin-based Carlos GrabStein aka 89s†. This time premiering two tracks by The Spanish producer SOJ with his track “Ritmos Mutantes” and  by the Colombian Arab producer Human 80 with “Bewegungsmaschinen”.

Bodywork Selections Vol. 1 Tracklist:

1 The Marquis – Doom Fucker I
2 Bad Faith Actor – Necropolis
3 Disco Drama – Dead Berlin
4 Chris Shape – Dislike
5 Magnum Opus – Corrupt Empire
6 Dmentia Coil – Insideout
7 Soj – Ritmos Mutantes
8 Astronomer33 – Transhumanism
9 MVQX ft Negative Datura – Ghost
10 89s† & Petra Flurr – Miseria
11 CTPAX – Swamp Lord

Upperwave Selections Vol. 1 [Miseria] Tracklist :

1. Secret Mutilator – This Time It’s War
2. Filmmaker – Eastern Corps
3. Oberst Panizza – The Fly
4. Human 80 – Bewegungsmaschinen
5. Fairy Pussy – Dogma
6. Soft-Riot – Windows To The Wild
7. QEK Junior – Wer hat den ganzen Lack gesoffen
8. Zona Utopica Garantita – Blitzkrieg
9. Aurat – ¿Can You Hear Me
10. Transhuman Rebirth – Nocturnal Emissions

Release date: December 17th, 2021.


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