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The Swedish artist offworldcolonies began his career as a producer by releasing a triptych and a split tape with the French artist Rohr Sha between 2015 and 2016 on Under Molnet, a label also located in the same Scandinavian country. Tåkern, Domarringen and Vastena already showed the versatility of this producer to work in different sound fields, from the forceful and overwhelming techno, to other more experimental sequences and with a different direction to the dancefloor.

offworldcolonies ltd. is the eponymous record project of this artist who works anonymously, is not a DJ, and bases all his productions strictly on hardware. This label emerged in 2016 and to date has released around 30 releases on very limited runs of cassettes or vinyl.

offworldcolonies previously released a couple of vinyl EPs on his label and now he is back again with his third album, the first to be released on his own platform. Annihilation is an album recorded between 2018 and 2022 in different cities such as Copenhagen, Stockholm, Vilnius, Kyoto, Osaka, Malmö and Dals härad.

Sonic : / / is the first cut of this eight-track, direct and overwhelming techno, with a relentless punch. Surging : / / continues in the same raw and crushing vein, although this time it declines the binary rhythm for syncopated, but its devastating effect is almost as effective. Disrupted : / / is a small respite recreated only by an undulating synth line. With Sanguinary : / / we enter more industrial terrain, with a cutting rhythm and imposing textures. Ascertained : / / takes you completely into another scenario, into a disturbing landscape where the dissonances, the mix of harmonics, its devastating rhythm and Marie Andersson’s haunting voice, place your mind in a state of conflict. Raging : / / is penetrating, dense and with a slow cadence that draws you into a hypnotic atmosphere. With Ceaseless : / / the author once again demonstrates his ability to develop solid, intelligent and mental techno. The album concludes with Total : / /, a new turn towards an industrial environment reinforced by an unfathomable voice.

Release date: June 27th, 2022.


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